Shipping rates for both Standard and EXPRESS are based on Australia Post charges (which have recently risen) plus a small fee for secure packaging. All deliveries come with tracking unless it is not offered by the destination (eg certain overseas countries).Some overseas deliveries are getting delayed, slightly less when EXPRESS post is chosen which we recommend. Rolled and Folded items cannot be sent together thus an additional shipping charge is required and the customer is notified of this.SAVE $$$$ on your shipping by ordering more than one item per order. Require more information about insurance/your destination or order contact All About Movies

Standard Freight Prices


 1-5 items AU$16.00

 6+ items AU$23.00

 New Zealand:

 1-5 items AU$25.00

 6+ items AU$30.00

 UK & Europe:

 1-5 items AU$40.00

 6+ items AU$56.00

 USA & Canada:

 1-5 items AU$35.00

 6-12 items AU$45.00

 Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore:

 1-5 items AU$32.00

 6+ items AU$41.00


Express Freight Prices


 1-5 items AU$20.50

 6+ items AU$25.50

 New Zealand:

 1-5 items AU$40.00

 6+ items AU$45.00


 1-5 items AU$56.00

 6+ items AU$65.00

 USA & Canada:

 1-5 items AU$48.00

 6-12 items AU$60.00

 Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore:

 1-5 items AU$45.00

 6+ items AU$55.00


Note: For international customers,it is the responsibilty of the customer and not All About Movies to pay any Customs duties or Taxes that are incurred once the delivery enters the destination country.